About Us

E-Motion was created as a spin-off of Basso Industrial Group, which has been in the high-performance automotive business for more than 30 years.

E-Motion aims to follow the same path focused on electro-mobility.


To provide solutions and support to organizations that promote sustainable mobility and care for the environment.


To be the main strategic ally in Latin America of organizations that promote sustainable mobility.


Our engineering team is able understand and analyze the customer requirements of each special project to be able to provide the products and services all together needed to obtain the final e-product.


1. Study, selection and battery cell tests
Cell type selection according to the desired performance of the vehicle, taking into account physical and electrochemical parameters.

2. Battery pack modeling
Design and sizing of battery pack (capacity, voltages, c-rate, etc).
TMS design
BMS characterization

3. Battery pack electrical and thermal tests
Tests in charge-discharge cycles at different current values, C-rates and temperatures.
Tests in extreme conditions of current and temperature demands.

4. Design optimization by neural network model
Potential problems solution in the operation of the integrated system by conducting and optimization study to maximize the behavior of the pack.

5. Prototypes building of customized battery packs according to specific study performed.


Introduction to a lithium-ion battery datasheet and to the cell characterization by electrochemical tests
(spanish version)
Lithium-ion battery modelling:
cell, module and pack
(spanish version)
Introduction to the physical and numerical characterization of LFP lithium-ion rechargable cells with vehicle application purposes
(spanish version)
Sistemas Híbridos de Gestión de Energía en Vehículos Eléctricos - Presentación Diálogo EU - Argentina 06/12/23
(spanish version)
Introducción al diseño y construcción de baterías de litio vehiculares
(spanish version)


"Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future."